NET Bernard GmbH, Germany - New area of expertise

Emsland Nuclear Power Plant

The decommissioning of nuclear installations comprises the whole range of measures taken when dismantling a nuclear power plant after it is removed from service. With the establishment of NET Bernard GmbH BERNARD Group is now able to offer interdisciplinary engineering services in the field of decommissioning.

Together with international partners, NET Bernard GmbH performs periodic inspections and retrofitting of nuclear power plants in the fields of control and instrumentation technology and mechanics. When providing these services, we cooperate with the permanent staff of the respective plant.
The main focus of the inspection works is on the checking and calibration of physical sensors, on electronic measurement technology, measurement transformers and limit control charts. The verification of issue and evaluation systems is also part of our work.
In addition, our engineering services in the field of decommissioning comprise the design of dismantling measures, structural analyses and the design of protective construction measures. Finally, our range of services is completed by logistics and recycling concepts for plant parts as well as the preparation of documentations, cost estimates and tender documents.