Company merger - brenner BERNARD Ingenieure GmbH

In the past years, there were two BERNARD Group companies operating in Germany, DR. BRENNER INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT MBH and BERNARD Ingenieure GmbH. As a result of increased interconnections, the companies have merged and now provide their services as a joint company called brenner BERNARD ingenieure GmbH.

In 2008, DR. BRENNER INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT MBH joined BERNARD Group as an expert firm in the field of transportation and traffic. Afterwards, the company founder Dr. Manfred Brenner stayed with the firm as Managing Director until 2011, when he handed the management over to Jost H. Mazur.
The successful completion of numerous projects at home and abroad is a proof of the company’s favorable development since its integration into BERNARD Group. The number of employees was also increased from approx. 70 to approx. 110. Annual sales have now reached six million euros. In Dresden, the Environment Department was created, which now carries out projects all over Germany. The BRENNER branch office in Bremen has developed so favorably that relocation to new premises was required due to lack of space. In 2015, another office was established in Rostock.
We want to continue this growth by amplifying the existing service portfolio with the services provided by the various departments of BERNARD Ingenieure GmbH, Germany.
As a result, we have chosen the name „brenner BERNARD ingenieure GmbH“ for this new company, to make clear to our clients that also in the future, they will be provided all services they used to take advantage of before.