Hydropower und drinking water supply - Democratic Republic of the Congo

The river Lubilanji in the Province of Katanga. On the right side of the picture: the obsolete hydropower station “Lubilanji 1” built in 1953.

Experts from BERNARD Group are supporting the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) in the assessment of hydropower plants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The target group of this investment program comprises approx. three million inhabitants, who need to be given access to a reliable water supply within the next five to ten years.

At present, the water supply stations across the country are powered by diesel-driven generators, a fact which regularly leads to failures in the drinking water supply. As a result, the German Federal Government has promised a KfW investment program aiming at a replacement of diesel generators by hydropower.

BERNARD was asked by the KfW to evaluate, on the basis of KfW guidelines, available studies on the renovation of existing hydropower plants. The investment program for the four cities totals approx. 20 million euros and is expected to increase to twice the amount by means of private capital. The design capacity of the examined hydropower stations will be two to approx. six MW per location. In this way, the population will not only benefit from alternative energy in the form of hydropower but also from the creation of a significant number of new jobs in the region.