Bernard receives award - State competition “Most Family-Friendly Enterprise 2015”

From left: Committeeman Bruno Proxauf and managing director Martin Seidner at the award ceremony

In the framework of the Tyrolean State Competition “Most Family-friendly Enterprise 2015” BERNARD Ingenieure was given a recognition award. The Federal State of Tyrol honored the company for its particular commitment as a model business at an award ceremony held at the Tyrolean Parliament. 

The award was presented by the Tyrolean Minister of Economic Affairs Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf and the Tyrolean Family Minister, Beate Palfrader. “It is not always easy to perform the balancing act between work and family. Striving to achieve success in both the family and work environments can cause a lot of distress for employees”, Palfrader said to point out the challenges. She also emphasized that attaining work-life balance reduces stress and enhances motivation, thus improving personal satisfaction. Businesses and families alike benefit from an improved work-life balance.

The factors that were decisive in awarding the prize to BERNARD Ingenieure were the company’s flexible work hours program for full-time and part-time workers as well as its support for parental leave and return. In addition, the jury positively rated the provision of over 30 parking spaces for the workforce, as well as the variety of social benefits. The award was accepted by the managing director Martin Seidner and the vice chairman of the works committee Bruno Proxauf.