Energy for the Caucasus - Georgia focusses on hydropower

Storage lake in the region of Ratscha - Letschchumi

Site inspection of the weir wall at the Avaniskhevi river

The Caucasian Republic of Georgia not only produces excellent wines, it is also characterized by high mountains and numerous rivers and valleys. As a result, the Georgian government has decided to invest in the expansion of hydropower in order to produce sufficient energy in the near future to meet its own electricity needs and to export surpluses.

Both the Georgian government and Georgian investors trust in the Austrian quality of technical design and electrical and mechanical equipment (E+M). In this sense, BERNARD Ingenieure is an ideal partner for the design and implementation of hydropower plants.

The first hydropower plant designed by BERNARD Ingenieure is located in the Kakheti region east of Tbilisi. The plant, which produces an output of 5.4 MW, uses the discharge of the Avaniskhevi and Kvatseristsqali rivers with a gross head of 250 m. For this project, BERNARD Ingenieure was asked to prepare a comparative study, the entire permit application design and the assessment of energy efficiency and financial viability.

In addition, BERNARD Ingenieure was assigned the design of another power station located at a river in the Ratscha - Letschchumi region. With a head of over 500 m, the overall output is approx. 30 MW. A specific feature of the plant is that a natural reservoir will be enlarged to serve as an energy reservoir. For reasons of nature conservation, a pressure pipe tunnel with a length of over six kilometers is planned. The permit application design has already been started and it is expected that the Georgian ministries of energy and environment will give their approval during the course of 2015.